Brush of Angel’s Wings

Book 2 of the Heaven on Earth series


He doesn’t plan to stay Amish. She doesn’t have a plan. Then an angel draws their hearts toward God . . . and each other.

A buggy-racing champion, a hardworking field-hand, and a terrible cook, Rachel Hartzler does not fit her Amish community’s standards for an eligible bride. Hurt by their rejection and still grieving the loss of her brother, Rachel is ready for change.

She’s not, however, ready for Jordan Engles. Rachel’s father hired him to help tend the fields so Rachel can learn to cook and sew, thus increasing her chances of finding a husband. She can’t understand why her father doesn’t want her help and blames Jordan for trying to replace her beloved brother.

Jordan plans for his time on the Michigan farm to be short. Before his mother passed away, he promised her he’d give her Amish roots a chance. Upon her death, uncertain about what else to do, he came to stay with his Uncle Isaac in Hope Falls. He’s curious why his mother left the community she obviously loved. But it doesn’t take Jordan long to conclude that the strict lifestyle and the three hour church services are not for him.

But there isn’t just human interaction at play. Nathaniel, an angel of God, sees the potential in Jordan and Rachel’s hearts from heaven’s perspective. His goal is to shepherd them toward the path of healing and love.

When tragedy strikes, then strikes again, this angelic being is sent to guide them toward the healing and abundant life promised in God’s Word – if only they will listen.



What Readers are saying

“A must-read for anyone who loves Amish fiction, and has ever struggled to fit in to an idea of who you should be, rather than who you feel created to be.” ~ GOODREADS REVIEW
“My favorite part of this book was the battle b/t the angel and devil. We have heard that they are at constant battles for us but Ruth Reid takes it to another level in this book. We read the constant fight during many circumstances and how the angel sends prayers up for us and guards us. How often do we miss the Lord trying to get our attention? How often do we let the devil feed negativity in our thoughts when we should stop to pray? How often do we take the negative thoughts and let our spirit run with it? I believe this is a book everyone should read to become more aware of this spiritual battle going on.” ~ BOOKS-A-MILLION REVIEW
“This is the second book I’ve read from Ruth Reid and you can bet I’ll see what other books she has written. Never have I seen Angels incorporated into books like Ruth does. Thank you Ruth. This was a book that took 1-1/2 days to read as I couldn’t put it down.” ~ AMAZON REVIEW
“The story was a page turner. I loved seeing how the characters developed through out the story as they grew closer to God and how they struggled when they were far from God. I could relate to characters and found myself rooting for them. I enjoyed the book so much I searched out the first book in the series.” ~ CHRISTIANBOOK REVIEW


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