An Angel By Her Side

Book 3 of the Heaven on Earth series

Ruth Reid - An Angel by Her Side


Katie has lived through tragedy and heartache. But with the angel Elias by her side, the best years of her life are just ahead.

When Katie Bender’s fiance died in a tragic accident, so did her hope of finding love. Though heartbroken, Katie is also practical. In the years since the accident she has discovered her gift for teaching. But when a tornado destroys her small Amish settlement, including the schoolhouse, Katie doesn’t know how she will provide for herself.

Seth Stutzman arrived in Hope Falls days before the storm. And when he helps usher Katie and the children to safety, sparks fly. But Seth is only in town to help his brother, Amos, get back on his feet following the death of his wife. He can’t afford to have feelings for Katie.

Rebuilding the community is a huge task, and soon, Katie and Seth are working side by side. As they privately wrestle with their feelings for each other, another silent–and ultimate–battle for their hearts rages unseen.

Sworn to protect what God has ordained, the mighty angel Elias appears to them as a mysterious visitor. And with his guidance, Katie and Seth find the courage to take the first small steps toward the life, and love, they were destined for.



What Readers are saying

“Ruth Reid drew me into Katie and Seth’s world in the quiet Amish community on the very first page. Her book truly caused me to question some of my own beliefs about angels and demons.” ~ GOODREADS REVIEW
“I enjoy Amish fiction, and for me this one did not disappoint. For those unfamiliar with some of the Amish words, there is a glossary at the beginning of the book to refer back to, but if you’ve read a few Amish stories you’ll probably have no issues understanding.” ~ B&N REVIEW
“Once again, Ruth Reid has created likeable characters, which are going through a tough time – the loss of loved ones and a tornado disaster. I have read The Promise of An Angel and Rush of Angel Wings, and I think An Angel by Her Side is the best out of the series. The author does a wonderful job of keeping the reader glued to pages as I read through the book in one sitting.” ~ AMAZON REVIEW
“I really did enjoy this series, I like the way Ruth has the angels appearing and talking to the characters. It brings to life the fact that there are angels watching over us we just don’t realize it, and they aren’t always helping in a positive way. I would encourage others to get these books and read them and this is a continuing series so I would suggest you start with the first one “The Promise of an Angel” then the second which is “Brush of an Angel’s Wings”. Great job Ruth!” ~ CHRISTIANBOOK REVIEW


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