Veterans Day Giveaway

In honor of Veterans Day I’m giving away any one of my books! Just like this post and I will pick a winner on December 12th (Tuesday). Good luck and share with your friends!


20 thoughts on “Veterans Day Giveaway

  1. Would love to win one of your books. God bless all the veterans one of which is my dear brother who was a career Marine. Most of the men in my family were in one service or another. Thanks for the chance to win one of your books.


  2. Thank you for honoring Veterans Day. My Father fought in World War II and my Son-in-Law is currently serving in the Air Force on assignment at the US Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.

    I love your books! Thank you for this giveaway!

    Judy B


  3. Thank you for honoring the veterans. I had an Uncle killed in Korean War and first cousin killed in Vietnam. Other uncles and cousins fought in wars, but I have one that is new and close to my heart. A young man, Kevin, was in Iraq as a front line medic. One day I believe in 2008 his troop was moving and they were attacked. His vehicle was hit with a rocket. Killed his partner and one of Kevin’s hands and arms were very bad with shrapnel in upper torso, face and head. I was helping by sending care packages through a foundation. They posted about Kevin and his family because his Dad lost his job. Someone had to be with him 24 hours a day. His hands couldn’t take care of him. The Lord dealt with me for a few days until I finally started helping them. A friendship was formed. After many surgeries and Kevin working hard, he came home. Fell in love, got married and wanted to moved back close to his base. He was there when a troop left and when one returned home. On January 21, 2012, shrapnel moved to his brain, Kevin had a seizure and died. Also, his Dad had just been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and he died September 2012. Kevin’s Dad was a Vet and this youngest brother joined and now is in South Korea. To go through all of that and then die, I didn’t understand. Kevin loved the military and stood tall with them. I know that Kevin gave me a greater understanding, Faith and love for our military and our Veterans. Rest in peace Kevin and God bless and thank you to our Veterans and Military. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.


  4. I would love to win one of your books. I read every spare minute I have. I usually have 3 or 4 books going at a time in different rooms and my car. Yes I can keep the stories straight.


  5. I would love to win one of your books Ruth!
    Thank you for honoring the veterans.
    My son serves in the military. I am so proud of him.
    Keep up the wonderful writing!
    Cheryl Baranski


  6. I would love to win one of your books and thank you for honoring the veterans by hosting this giveaway. We have to remember to be thankful for their families also, they gave just as much for our country.



  7. I would love ne of your books. Thank you for honoring our vets. My 23 year old grandson, a member of the U.S.Marine Reserves, spent 9 months in Afghanistan


  8. This is a wonderful idea for a contest! Thank you to all that served our country. I would also love to win one of your books so please enter my name. Thank you for the opportunity to win!


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