Labor Day giveaway!

Happy Labor Day everyone! In honor of this holiday I will be giving away any one of my books. Leave me a comment on this post with your email and you will be entered. Have a blessed holiday!!



44 thoughts on “Labor Day giveaway!

  1. I really need “An Angel By Her Side”, I’ve read the first two books in this series and loved them. Thank you for the chance to win the last book!



  2. oh I would just love,love to win a book of yours to read. Its getting that time of year to read more. Going to stock up on reading material.


  3. I love your books, Ruth. I’m a little behind in my reading. I’m disabled now because of a medical error and I have to watch my budget. I always watch my library. Doctors have found some heart blockages now, but the Lord is good. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Him. God bless you, Ruth and thank you for sharing your great talent of writing with us.


  4. I picked up your book The Promise of an Angel at my local library in Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand and was instantly mesmerised. I read the book in one day as it was hard to put down. Thank you for sharing your talent of writing.


  5. Your mom. Ella is a joy. I love her even if we have lived acrosss the united states from one another. We’ve meet once when you we’re just a small girl. On a visit to michigan. Your grandmother, viven was a sister to my mom. Aunt harriet. I love your books. And cant wait fot more. I have two granddaughters who will love them as much as me. Your story telling is an insight to what ivve always hoped i could live. The simple life. Where god is king . God bless you ruth reid. Im pleased to read such glorious stories. H


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